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Wuxi DIMEI Arts & Crafts Factory
manufacturer of high & middle grade wooden products craft cloth, top grade rose wood album, souvenir, digital album.

Chongqing KAXILONG Zoology Wall painting Co.,ltd.
ecosystem tea; zoology bar table; zoology screen; zoology table; zoology wall painting

Chongqing AIDU YUESAO Service Center
nursling naming; nursling photography; nursling souvenir; tend and protect

Chongqing TAIJIXIANG Enterprise Planning Co.,ltd.
arts & crafts; geomantic omen, hism utensil,;

Chongqing YUNXIN Household Co.,ltd.
household ornaments

Chongqing YONGHENG Digital Crystal Video Company
crystal mobile-phone clip; crystal necklace; digital crystal video; digital products; selfhood digital crystal netsukes

Chongqing FUXIANG Metallic fiber Co.,ltd.
cutting steel fiber; switch off section steel fiber; concrete intrusion aid; steel templet;

Wuxi Tianma Cultural goods Co.,Ltd.
canvas, oil frame, oil drawing board, palette, easel, draw a box,etc

Chongqing SHANSHEN Lacquerware Co.,ltd.
lacquerware; handicrafts gift; stow decoration; houshold supplies; sell raw lacquer;

WUSHAN County HAO Children's food Sales department
handmade embroider insole

Chongqing Mingzhu QIYI Co.,ltd.
lacquerware; paint picture; processing; small presents

Youngster Xianfeng Bao
Provides the news abstract, the hot spot topic and the story serializes. And has the low young version.

Chongqing SONGCHI Technology co.,ltd.
air purifier for both car-use and home-use; air refresher; commercial gifts; arts & crafts; sphere;

Chongqing MEIYANG Trading Co.,ltd.
gifts; finance gifts; collection volume;

YIRISHU Folkways Industry Development Co.,ltd.
art scissor-cut; ding theatrical mask; handwork textile shoes; oxhide light shade; personage; pillow; sight clay figure