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Xi'an Jiatian Biotech Co., Ltd.   10 products
Water Solubility Epimedium extract;Factory supply Hedera Helix extract 10:1;100% Pure Jobstears Seed Extract Powder(GMP standard,HACCP);100% Natural Cnidium Monnieri Extract powder;Natural GMP hot sal ...

Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co., Ltd.   5 products
Manufacturer, processor and exporter of Chinese Herbal Extracts

Scidoor Hi-Tech Biology Co., Ltd.
Resveratrol, Paclitaxel, Genistein, Emodin, Icariin, Salicin, Synephrine, Diosgenine, Silymarin, Ecdysterone, Jujuba Extract, Epimedium Extract,

Ankang ZIKUN Oil Trading Co.,ltd.
purchase; vegetable seeds, sesame, sunflowerseed; sesame; manufacture rape oil; small mill sesame oil,; series seasoning;

Ankang TIANYUAN Plant Pick-up Co.,ltd.
vegetable extractive; gynostemma pentaphylla; the root of kudzu vine extractive; radices puerarire flavone; extractum belladonnae;; tanshinone A; B;; white hellebore alcohol; the root of membranous mi ...

Xi'an Wing Biology Co.,ltd.
50%; 98%; astragalus hoangtchy polysaccharide 50%; eleutherococcus roots B+E; emodin 50%; genistein 98%; ginkgo leaves extractive; gynostemma pentaphylla pantosaponin; luteolin 98%; medlar polysacchar ...

XIXIANG JINXI Herding Technology Co.,ltd.
condensed materials; linter pulp; peanut pulp; soybeau dregs; top grade premixed feedstuff; vegetable oil cake raw material of forage

Shaanxi YANGLING XINLIN Young plant Co.,ltd.
biology diesel tree seeds; forestation engineering; rhizoma coptidis seeds & seedling; seeds & seedling; virescence engineering; water-saving irrigation engineering

Xi'an ZHOUZHI LUZHOU Garden Virescence Co.,ltd.
longboqiu; nutritious earthen bowl; nutritious earthen bowl chinese rose; nutritious earthen bowl gold-leaf privet; nutritious earthen bowl red-leaf barberry; red-leaves prunus triflora roxb

YANGLING FUXIN Biological engineering Co.,ltd.
animal's raw materials; lonicera japonica extractive; radix scutellariae extractive; pick-up; ascites pick-up; pick-up; st john's extract;; plant; berberine;

Xian Shengda Feedstuff Store
Is the Zhejiang victory reaches the feed limited company in a northwest local sales window, this company subordinate has the entire automatic degreasing fish flour mill, the fining fish oil refinery, ...

Xi'an HENGDA Breeding equipment Co.,ltd.
chicken feed gutter; hencoop; pigeon; pigeon cage; pigeon hamper; rabbit cage; sand cup; stainless steel ball papilla; various breeding equipment

Danfeng Huasheng Enterprise Corp.
We bound in walnuts, chest nuts, pine nuts, mushrooms as well as some herbals (such as cornels, gastrodia tuber, root of red-rooted salvia , roots of kudzu vine and so on), wild fruit (such as grapes, ...

Shaanxi LISHAN Flowers Institute
pagoda tree seedling; pomegranate tree; pomegranate tree virescence seedling; saponin; walnuts in shell; white bark pine

Shaanxi CHANGTAI Industry Company
carduus marianus extractive; common andrographis extractive; dandelion extractive; grape seeds extractives; herba eptmdtuii e.p.; hongchezhou extractive; lotus leaf pick-up; magnolia officinalis extra ...