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Gansu YinHe Group Co., Ltd located ZhangYe district of Gansu province China, it is a key enterprise of national agriculture industry. Its mail products are freeze-dried vegetable, air-dried vegetable, pea vermicelli, pea starch, fine dried noodles, scleroprotein powder, meal and eggs.
Freeze-dried vegetable and air-dried vegetable are processed by LV Yuan FD food company that belong to Gansu YinHe Group Co., Ltd.
LV Yuan FD food company is a subsidiary company of Gansu YinHe Group Co., Ltd, which avail itsself of local abundant raw material of vagetable, such as onion, purple garlic, bell pepper; It equip advanced facility and adopt excellent management system, which guarantee to provide AD FD product of hight quality for domestic and foreign customer. Every year LV Yuan company can supply 150 metric tons FD white onion, 150 tons FD garlic, 50 tons bell pepper, 20 tons, FD sweet melon, 10 tons, FD apple, 20ton, FD mushroom, 20 tons, FD other products 50 tons. Ad white onion 300 tons, AD garlic 100tons, AD bell pepper200 tons, AD carrot 100 tons.
Product characteristic:
FD white onion adopt a breed of onion seed originate from USA, the juice and the aroma are very strong. Unit weight is up to the mustard. Freeze-dry product unit weight is between 85 to 125G / L, which can be adjusted as the client require.
FD garlic choose Gansu MinLe purple garlic as raw material, its aroma is very strong. The purple garlicof allicin is beyond 12% .
The material of FD bell pepper is typical bell pimiento with thickness sarcocarp, fresshness color, deliciousness. Fd bell pepper and AD bell pepper are well-known across nation.
FD mushroom is produced from May to Augest every year when it can not be make in the south of China, because its raw material is abundant at that time in our local area

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HACCP ISO 9001:2000

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South America; Oceania; Mid East; Western Europe;

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100 - 200

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for premium members only

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No. 103 West Street Minle County, Gansu Province, China

Product Name

FD Green Bell Pepper / Freeze-dried Green Bell Pepper

Product Name

FD Red Bell Pepper / Freeze-Dried Red Bell Pepper

Product Name

FD Green Beans


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Mr. qin jiguan




No. 103 West Street Minle County, Gansu Province, China





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