World of Health Biotech Co., Ltd.

World Of Health Biotech Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures a broad range of rapid diagnostic, monitoring and screening devices, and medical products with high quality and competitive prices. World Of Health Biotech has led the way in making point of care medical diagnostics more affordable to more people worldwide. We are committed to making disease diagnostics easier, faster and less expensive. All our raw materials are imported from the USA, where our partner company is studying, supplying and marketing them worldwide. WOHBC brand is well known in over 100 countries, in addition to our WOHBC brand, we also specialize in manufacturing certain products according to your requirements, specifications and contracts. Any of our WOHBC brand products can be customized to meet your unique specifications. Relying on a strong design team, we utilize advanced engineering techniques to help you create your own brand. We are able to provide quality products with stable performance, which can transform into value for you and your customers.

Our Management Team has extensive experience in R&D, manufacturing and marketing for main diagnostic companies. This experience gives us unique advantages in understanding the issues and concerns our distributors and partners face in today's healthcare environment, and trying to keep costs in line with pricing demands and the need for profitability.

Product Range Focus
The key groups in our comprehensive set of product line are: tests of Fertility, Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse, Tumor Markers, Cardiac Markers, Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay, and Blood Glucose Monitoring. WOHBC currently sells over 100 diagnostic products that aid in the detection of Pregnancy (hCG), Ovulation (LH), Menopause (FSH), HBsAg, HBsAb, HBeAg, HBeAb, HBcAb, HCV, HIV, H. Pylori, Micro Albumin, Bird Flu, Malaria, Strep A, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Dengue, Gonorrhea, Tuberculosis, FOB, PSA, AFP, CEA, FABP, Troponin I, and Drugs of Abuse. We mainly export our products to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Latin America. Throughout the world, we are introducing our new Urinalysis Reagent Strips and Urine Analyzers, Photometer (Clinical Chemistry Analyzer), EIA/ELISA, and Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems to make high quality and affordable testing products available for more people worldwide. We have a number of new products in the pipeline for introduction this year and beyond.

All of our Pregnancy, Ovulation, Menopause (FSH), Syphilis, Gonorrhea (NGH), FOB, Cardiac Markers, Drugs of Abuse, Bird flu and Urinalysis tests have past the evaluation of CE Mark certificate. Fully packaged CE Marked brands are available for customers. Moreover, we have developed a process to guide our OEM partners, and minimize your costs.

World Of Health Biotech Co., Ltd. is one of the first Europe CE registered manufacturers of rapid diagnostic products in China. We have been awarded CE 0123, ISO13485:2003, ISO9001 and GMP certificate. Hundreds of millions of quality diagnostic and medical products are produced here each year to support our distribution network supplying high quality products to hospitals, clinical laboratories, blood banks, consumer outlets and other users.

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ISO 9001:2000

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South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;

OEM/ODM service


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1,000 - 2,000

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No.66 Qianbanbi Street ,Xinjiekou Block ,Xicheng District ,Beijing ,China

Hcg Pregnancy Test 25 mIu CE Approved
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Hcg Pregnancy Test 25 mIu CE Approved

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Multiple Drug of abuse DOA test CE approved


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Mr. Keeka Tan




No.66 Qianbanbi Street ,Xinjiekou Block ,Xicheng District ,Beijing ,China



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