Shanghai Ciflower Netting Co., Ltd

Established in 1990, we have been engaging in researching, developing and manufacturing of tricot looms and all kinds of net.
Our advantage is that we have good tricot (warp knitted) loom engineers. They not only design the looms, but also the net fabric. We produce shade cloth and other net fabric by the looms made by ourselves. That means we can design and produce any kind of net (mesh) fabric, no matter what structures and fiber it is. We can produce any net fabric according to your demand. We have broad experience in researching and developing fabric and tricot looms.
The main items of our products are the followings:
1. Polyethylene Shade Cloth. It is made from a UV-stabilized, high density polyethylene yarn. It is highly resistant to UV degradation and temperature extremes. It is available with 30% to 90% UV blockage. This shade cloth blocks out the sun's rays while keeping the area underneath well ventilated and cool. The width is from 1m to 9m. The colors can be black, green or any other color you'd like. It is widely used in agriculture, floriculture and horticulture. Other uses for shade cloth include bird netting, insect netting, temporary fencing, greenhouse covering, hail protection, windbreaks, truck tarring and erosion control.
2. Safety use: All kinds of safety nets for building sites, tourism, nurseries, sport, loading and transporting.
3. Sports use: All kinds of net for basket ball, football, tennis, Golf, etc.
4. Military use:
A: Camouflage net
B: Glass fiber cell fabric: It can resist striking, fire and hotness. It also has the function of sound insulation, using in the manufacturing of airplane, tanks, flak jacket (bullet-proof vest) and submarine.
5. Special use: such as hospital use.

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Shade Cloth
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